Message Resources

Are you looking for a handout, questionnaire, devotional, book, or another resource referenced by a member of the teaching team at LifeChurch? You can find message resources here (listed by date of the message/series when referenced).

Miracle of Mercy Projects List 2016

From August 2012 (Nehemiah: Becoming a Difference Maker Series)

Daily Devotionals from the Book of Nehemiah

Catching up on past messages, or looking for a daily devotional which will take you deeper into the Word of God? Download ALL the daily devotionals from our series on the book of Nehemiah here.

From April 2012 (Identity Theft Series)

Who I Am in Christ Scripture References

This is a list of scriptures (perfect for memorizing) that will remind you of who God says you are.

By the Grace of God I Am… References

This is a list of statements with their scriptural references on who you are as a believer in Jesus Christ.

A Christian’s Scriptural Identity and Position

This is a list of statements and beliefs that affirm who you are in Christ and their scriptural references. (Taken from Victory Over the Darkness by Dr. Neil Anderson)

Biblical Principles For Making Family a Priority