LifeGroups: where life change happens!

God has created each of us for meaningful relationships.
At LifeChurch, we have found our best opportunities to connect in
community and be transformed by God are within our LifeGroups.

What are LifeGroups?

Our mission at Life is to KNOW Jesus, GROW together in Him, and GO into our world to serve in Jesus’ name. Our LifeGroups ministry is one of the main ways we live out growing together in Christ. 

These groups meet during the week in order to grow deeper in our relationship with Christ and are places to talk about real life issues – whether it be issues of faith, or issues that impact everyday living. We have groups for everyone – so if you’re a new Christian, a life-long Christian, or if you are simply searching to know if God is real, you can find a place to belong.

We have found that there is a best way to get connected and a best time.

One of the more effective ways to get connected is to have you meet other LifeGroup Leaders and others interested in groups during LifeGroup Connect, where we meet over a free meal. Some people are a little apprehensive just showing up at someone’s house for the first time, so this gives folks an opportunity to meet with others. Plus, we do have groups that don’t have the space to take in new people at this time. Our next LifeGroup Connect will meet in our auditorium on Tuesday night February 7 at 6:30. That is the time we will have the most opportunity for open groups.

But we do have other groups that are always receiving new people. Larger groups meet at various times. Our LifeChurch Young Adults (LCYA) meet every 2nd and 4th Friday at 7PM in “The Corner”, a new youth area in our office annex. A Young Marrieds gathering meets the first Saturday after Saturday Night Life (SNL), around 6:30PM in The Corner. A Friday morning men’s group will begin meeting again January 13 6-7:15AM in our church café.

Since we do have a few openings, please let us know what kind of group you are looking for (mixed, men, women, singles, young adults, etc), and whether you can meet with us at the next LifeGroup Connect. You can also let us know if you are interested in hosting or even leading a group. We provide twice a year training and ongoing, personal coaching.

For more information on LifeGroups at LifeChurch Canton, feel free to contact Johnny Aho.


LifeGroup Connect is where you can learn more about LifeGroups, why we do them, who they are, and how to get into one. Join us for a free dinner and learn how to find a group that fits you.

Our next LifeGroup Connect event will be held on Tuesday, February 7th from 6:30 to 8:15 pm.